Zipline Brewing Company: A Brave New Brew from Lincoln, Nebraska

keg delivery 50I left my job to help startup Zipline Brewing Company back in February 2012.  In those frigid, early days of operation, working out of my basement and constantly brewing small scale test batches, the finish line seemed miles away. But, a couple months later under the fresh outlook of an early spring, I finished kegging a double batch of hoppy Belgian brews and felt uncommonly giddy.  That kind of superabundance of energy and elation that really has no outlet in your ordinary routine.  

A feeling momentarily interrupted when I walk over to the refrigerator and discover the fridge only has space for 2 kegs . . . but I have three. I created this problem myself, since I couldn't decide on the yeast to use in the IPA, so I split the batch in two to test different yeast strains.  A course of action that left me with two mini kegs instead of a single keg, and this predicament.  No worries.  I decided to hook two kegs up, and then bike over to Tom's house to hook up the third keg since I knew his beer fridge had an open keg spot.  Moments later, I'm pedaling away down a crowded boulevard at 11 a.m., holding a keg in one hand and my bike grip in the other, with passers-by gazing in awe at my unlikely cargo.  A grin stretches across my face as I ride, not so much because of this ridiculous mission to pedal deliver a keg, but I realize my superabundance of energy and elation is being driven by moments just like this one.  Moments driven by our mission to embark on a far more incredible and arduous journey to deliver a new craft beer outlet to Nebraska.

Proudly headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Zipline Brewing Company was borne out of our passion for locally produced craft beer.  We wanted to anchor our craft beer in traditional brewing techniques, but to give each brew an artisan touch that appeals to the adventurous palate.  As a company, we decided that great craft beer doesn't have to be a colossal, high gravity brew that knocks you flat after one pint.  It also doesn't mean you have to follow traditional style guidelines so closely that you lose sight of the art of beer making.  Great beer can be made to style, but also surprise your taste buds.  We want to make beer that's not only adventurous in taste, but that you can take on your adventures.  Tasty brews that don't knock you flat after a pint, so you can continue to service your busy life.

Visit the blog often, as I continue to post updates as we progress through construction on our warehouse, installation of our brewing equipment, special events, and the day-to-day joys and pains we encounter as we get this company up and rolling.  Cheers!

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